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Former Miss USA pleads no contest to drunk driving charges

On behalf of Taylor Law Firm, LLC posted in Drunk Driving Charges on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A former Miss USA beauty pageant winner has pled no contest to drunk driving charges. She faces a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail and will be sentenced on May 9. As South Carolina readers may or may not be aware, a no contest plea is not an admission of guilt but is treated as such for sentencing.

According to police, on the night of her arrest the woman was driving 60 miles per hour in a 30 zone. The police claimed she was weaving in and out of traffic. The officers pulled her over and apparently found an open bottle of champagne behind the driver's seat.

Although the former beauty queen says that she was not drinking on the night of her arrest, both breath tests she was given showed that her blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit. One test result showed her BAC at 0.20 percent, and another put it at 0.19 percent. The legal limit is 0.08.

The woman, who offered the plea to driving while visibly impaired, said, "You learn, you pay your price for making mistakes and you move on. I'm very happy I can put this behind me. I'm just going to make sure I learn my lessons."

As she heads back home to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, it seems that she will put the matter behind her. Her lawyer predicts that she will be sentenced to probation, which she could serve in California where she will be pursuing work in Hollywood.

Source: WISTV, "Ex-Miss USA Fakih reaches plea deal in DUI case," Mike Householder, April 11, 2012

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