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West Florence High vandalism could carry serious penalties

On behalf of Anderson Law Firm posted in Theft And Property Crimes on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

After a call from school officials, Florence police are investigating a report of vandalism at West Florence High. This report comes just a few months after another act of vandalism at the school caused $15,000 worth of damage. The new report states that paint was found on a storage shed behind the school's track.

Inside the shed, paint was found on other items belonging to the school, including lawnmowers, carts and weightlifting equipment. Any suspect that police apprehend is likely to face criminal charges.

The police and the community take property crimes very seriously. Vandalism, therefore, is classified in varying levels of misdemeanors and felonies. The variation is typically dependent upon the amount of damage caused. This means that a seemingly small offense, like spray painting an object, can result in large penalties like costly fines and even jail. Since these offenses are punished so harshly, an individual accused of vandalism should not take the charges lightly.

In areas where vandalism is frequent, like West Florence High, the community, police and the courts will likely seek to impose harsher penalties. This thirst for retribution will often either force penalties upon those who are undeserving or enforce penalties that are harsher than the offense justifies.

A proper criminal defense team will ensure that the accused is properly protected from these injustices and will seek to have charges reduced or dismissed. This one aspect of the legal system can save the accused thousands of dollars in fines and several months of time.

Vandalism is prevalent in Florence and surrounding areas, and police are quick to point the finger. Though penalties for vandalism and other property crimes might not be as severe as those for violent crimes, they are serious nonetheless. A conviction can mar the records of those who are convicted and haunt them for years to come.

Source: WMBF News, "Vandalism reported at West Florence High," June 25, 2012

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