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Columbia police search for ATM burglars

On behalf of Anderson Law Firm posted in Theft And Property Crimes on Friday, April 27, 2012

Columbia, South Carolina police, are searching for individuals they claim are responsible for two ATM burglaries. In addition to the ATM money that was taken, the thieves allegedly stole lottery tickets, cigarettes, guns and other items from the convenience stores where the ATMs were located.

Property crimes and thefts like these are common crimes that can be punishable as a felony. Felonies carry strict penalties, including large fines and prison sentences. They can forever mark one's record, making it difficult later to get a job or credit. So when someone is charged with a felony such as burglary, a lot is at stake.

The foundation of a felony conviction is evidence. Without adequate evidence, a prosecutor is either going to fail to get a conviction or plead with the accused for a lesser penalty. A felony defense, therefore, must focus on the evidence.

In situations like Columbia's ATM case, the prosecution will will usually rely heavily on items such as surveillance footage, eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence like fingerprints. This type of evidence is open to challenges in court. Eyewitnesses may not have gotten a good enough look at a perpetrator, surveillance footage can be grainy and inconclusive, and fingerprint evidence can establish that someone was at a certain place but not necessarily at the time of the crime.

When crimes occur, victims and police seeking immediate justice can be quick to point the finger. Charges are often filed hastily with inadequate proof. A strong legal defense will force prosecutors to prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt and ensure that only the guilty are punished.

Source: The State, "Columbia police seek ATM burglars," Tim Flach, April 16, 2012

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