Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two South Carolina men charged in separate burglaries

On behalf of Anderson Law Firm posted in Theft And Property Crimes on Monday, June 18, 2012

Police in nearby Johnsonville have arrested two individuals they claim are responsible for two different burglaries. Criminal charges for property crimes such as theft and burglary are quite serious. Any conviction, but especially those classified as a felony, can lead to long prison sentences and large fines.

In one case, the accused was apprehended when police found him walking away from a grocery store after the store's alarm had been set off. That same day police claim the man also illegally entered a house through a broken window. Witnesses say they saw the man leaving that house with a bloodied hand, an injury supposedly sustained when breaking into the residence.

In the second case, Johnsonville police traced serial numbers on recovered stolen property back to a pawn shop and determined who had sold the items. Police questioned a friend who allegedly confirmed that the accused was responsible for taking the items, two televisions and a laptop computer.

One way to avoid unjust penalties for property crimes is to disprove or discredit any witness statements. Since most property crimes occur at night, few witnesses, if any, truly see the crime taking place. Yet, even those who do claim to have observed the crime could mistake the individual's identity on account of darkness, distance or simply poor recollection. Witnesses could also hold a personal grudge against the accused that could result in an unjust identification.

Witnesses may also jump to conclusions. In the first case in Johnsonville, for example, none of the witnesses appear to have actually seen the accused enter or exit the home, but rather assumed he had broken into the residence based on his injured hand.

Witness credibility and inaccuracy can lead to false and unjust convictions. People accused of property crimes deserve a fair trial free from assumptions on the part of witnesses.

Source: SCNow, "Officers arrest two in separate burglary cases in Johnsonville," Matt McColl, June 7, 2012

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