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South Carolina DUI arrests have tripled this year

On behalf of Anderson Law Firm posted in Drunk Driving on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recent statistics show that DUI arrests have tripled compared to this time last year in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Police claim there are many reasons for the rise in arrests, including new training for fresh recruits and an increased number of field sobriety test instructors.

A DUI charge is serious, and can lead to license suspension, fines, license revocation, penalties, jail and a permanent mark on a driving record. Yet, DUI charges against drivers are not always appropriate. Several issues may arise regarding field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests that could lead to a false conviction.

There are required procedures for police officers when they give a field sobriety test and the Breathalyzer test. These procedures are in place to ensure that the police are acting within their authority, the tests are properly administered and that the tests are accurate. Any failure to follow these procedures can lead to a dismissal of the charges.

As evidenced by the influx in DUI charges this year, many officers in the past have been improperly trained to conduct DUI stops and any related tests. When one is not properly trained mistakes happen, tests are improperly administered and test readings are problematic.

The recent rise in DUI charges also begs the question whether or not police are becoming over-eager when conducting DUI stops. When a focus is placed on stopping an activity, individuals tend to seek out that activity so that they can "prevent" it from occurring. Eagerness, too, can lead to mistakes. These mistakes can have severe consequences for drivers.

Police officers need to be kept honest during DUI stops and while conducting field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests. An experienced attorney will ensure the rights of drivers are protected by spotting any procedural flaws and getting improper DUI charges dismissed.

Source: WMBF News, "DUI arrests triple in 2012 compared to 2011," Monique Blair, April 30, 2012

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